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Athens Chiropractor

Limestone Chiropractic is your hometown chiropractor located in Athens, Alabama. We are dedicated to providing our patients with chiropractic care to the best of our abilities in order to determine the root cause of the problem that the patient is experiencing. We do this by utilizing several different techniques including patient history, physical exams, x-rays, lab work, advanced imaging and consulting with doctors of various disciplines. 

Chiropractic Services

At Limestone Chiropractic, we provide services such as extremity adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, and dry needling therapy. A list of other services include:


  • Diversified

  • Drop Table

  • Activator

  • AK.

  • Logan Basic

  • Gonstead

  • Cox Flexion Distraction


Although we offer several different types of treatments and services, the most common is called an adjustment. An adjustment can be performed with instruments and tables, as well as the hands. It is used to correct structural misalignments and help relieve pain. 


In addition, we also use electronic muscle stimulation, heat and cold therapies, and therapeutic ultrasound for physical therapy instances. Chiropractic treatments generally take several visits over a short period of time until the patient has reached their desired goal. Majority of our patients see their pain go away after the course of our treatment plan. 


Treatment plans vary based on each patient and their current condition. 

Athens Chiropractor


Dr. Pagan has been practicing in the city of Athens for 21 years and is passionate about his community and clients. Dr. Eric Hayes also works at the Athens Chiropractic Clinic, Limestone Chiropractic, and has an extensive background of chiropractic behind him. Learn more about our team here


Athens, Alabama is a growing community located to the west of Huntsville and Madison in Limestone County. We are proud to offer chiropractic services to clients in the area.

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